What is InBrick?

A quick and creative solution
InBrick is an inlay brick system that embeds genuine clay brick tiles into precast concrete panels, providing the look and feel of brick, with its durable aesthetic, to precast concrete panels. These precast panels can be for structural or non-structural purposes, depending on the building type and application.


The InBrick system uses VersaLiner®, a patented single liner technology, to embed thin brick tiles into precast concrete. It is a patented, single-use liner that offers a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Higher production efficiencies
  • Faster construction
  • Lower labour cost
  • Quicker clean up
  • Better overall finish
  • Faster cycle times
  • More realistic mortar joints
  • Multiple brick sizing
  • Greater design flexibility
The InBrick system combines the lasting beauty and durability of traditional brick with all the benefits and efficiencies of precast concrete. InBrick is considerably faster than traditional brickwork, allowing quick enclosure and removing the brick façade from the critical path. InBrick is prefabricated offsite to allow faster construction times onsite – saving time and money.

InBrick is available in multiple brick sizes; Australian, European, UK, US, and is customisable to suit your project.

With limitless options when it comes to the range of brick tiles on offer and the ways in which they can be applied, InBrick enables the creation of truly original buildings.

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