How To Choose Bricks

Bricks are strong, durable and a popular choice for new home builders and renovators.  However, with a broad range of great options available, choosing bricks may seem overwhelming! Here are some tips to guide you through the process:

A brick’s colour, shape, size and texture will influence the overall look and feel of your house, so make sure you choose a brick that suits the design of your home. It’s worth getting ideas from the internet, display homes, websites, magazines and PGH Display Centre Colour Consultants.

Bricks are graded to suit different environmental conditions. The location of your home will determine which grade you need. If you live near the coast or have high-saline soil, you should use an exposure (EXP)* grade brick, they have heightened resistance to salt attack. General purpose (GP) grade bricks are suited to all other building types and locations.

Add character with texture Brick texture can add character, charm and individuality to a home. Brick textures can vary from a smooth finish, which has a consistent surface appearance and straight edges, to torn textures with a dragged or ripped appearance across the face for a weathered look. You can even get glazed bricks that have a shiny ceramic tile look for feature walls or beautiful sandstock bricks that give your home an authentic raw beauty that no other material can achieve.

Create visual interest with size Bricks are available in a range of dimensions. Decisions about size may depend on a range of factors, from the proportions of the house to the purpose of the bricks. Bricks are often used for decorative applications, such as features walls, window sills and fire places. Different sizes and shapes can be combined to create visual interest and depth.

Don’t forget the details When it comes to mortar (what binds bricks together) you need to consider the colour and finish, as both will have a striking impact on the look of your bricks. An off-white mortar between darker coloured bricks will add contrast and highlight the shape of each brick.

Whereas matching mortar to the brick will soften the brickwork. Be mindful, mortar colours can vary depending on the sand source.

Common Mortar Colours: • Natural or grey • White or off white • Cream or buff With the mortar joint finish, you can choose round, ironed, flush or struck, depending on whether you want to hero or soften the brick work. For instance, a Raked Joint will create shadowing for contrast and interest. A Flush Joint will minimise shadow and create a flat look.

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